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Hello everyone,

Well, it's come that time where it's time to move on to the next chapter in our lives. With Brian retiring, it's time to spend more time with the family! I'm going to retire as well and give someone the opportunity to purchase the business I've built and loved over the years.

Crooked Nickel Quilt Designs Asking Price $57,900

  • Three Year Gross Revenue Average $100,000.00
  • Market Value $189,190.00
  • Support/ Delivery negotiable
  • 14 Years in Business

What makes Crooked Nickel Quilt Designs unique?

Fast, Simple and Perfect…

If Quilting, Sewing and Creativity is your passion I am offering you a once in a lifetime opportunity!

No more commute to work. Work around your schedule. More family time, more your time. Yes, with travel (if You like). Trade shows where you will meet your customers and make many new customers.

You do not have to start from “ground zero” I’ve done all that and it can all be yours!

After 14 years of a fabulous time in my life I am ready to move to the next chapter.

Crooked Nickel Quilt Designs is FOR SALE.

I can only hope one of my great customers will prosper in what I have worked very hard at to make a successful and solid company. Before I put the company on the National market I would like to give the first opportunity to one of my customers that know the success of Crooked Nickel.

The success of Crooked Nickel Quilt Designs is the simplicity of the technique with our well written patterns. The unique relationship with the Pellon® Company is also the base to the success of Crooked Nickel. The potential for growth is extensive with the dedication to online sales and marketing, teaching and demonstration opportunities, and additional tradeshows.

The Tradeshows, National Magazines and PBS Quilt Show features are what made Crooked Nickel exceed and stand out from traditional quilting techniques. Continuing with classes at International Quilt Market/Festival in Houston (the largest trade show in the US) for 6 straight years built our reputation immensely. It comes back to the simplicity of the technique and the visual demonstrations we do at all shows and presentations we attend.

How I built a solid reputation for 14 years will be included with the purchase price of the company.


I will provide you with:

  • Successful Branding
  • Copyrights
  • A loyal online purchasing customer database with testimonials
  • Established Trade show contracts with premium locations within the show to maximize sales
  • Website Domain address & Hosting (13 years)
  • Ecommerce Website (Paypal)
  • Newsletter Template
  • Constant Contact List (4600)
  • YouTube address/videos
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Production formula outlines for maximum productivity
  • Wholesale Distributors List
  • Suppliers List
  • Trade Secrets
  • Patterns/ Books inventory (34,000 items)
  • Kit/Fabric inventory
  • Signage,Tradeshow Fixtures/ Displays/ mandatory Fireproof tableskirts/tableclothes
  • Quilt Samples (one each for every pattern)
  • DVD video
  • Equipment ( 2 Accuquilt studio w/ 25 dies)
  • Packaging/ shipping supplies
  • Notions
  • Custom Cargo Trailer 6’x 12’ or 5’x8’

For potential buyer I will provide:

  • 3 years Profit & Loss statements
  • 3 years Market expenses & show gross sales
  • 3 years Website sales
  • 3 years Schedule C taxes
  • 3 years Balance Sheets
  • Escrow payment may be subject to request.