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Don't worry about cutting up those favorite and precious T-Shirts that are still in good shape (or not).

They are going to last a lot longer in this quilt than shoved in a drawer that no one will ever see.

This quilt is to be enjoyed from all sides and directions so the placement of the squares needs to be a random layout. Don't lay them so they all face one direction, TRUST me on this one!

On some T-shirts the 10" square template won't always get all of the logo or printed piece that you are cutting out, but no worries. The person the quilt is for will know exactly where that T-shirt came from. I try to focus on the most important part of the screened print, e.g. Date, country, state, town, year.

T-Shirt Quilt Information for Sizes

12 T-shirts = 60”x60” Lap Quilt (2 yards of #821 Pellon)

17 T-shirts = 60”x73” Lap Quilt (2 ½ yards of #821 Pellon)

22 T-shirts =66”x96” Twin Quilt (3 ½ yards of #821 Pellon)

31 T-shirts =81”x 96” Full Quilt (4 ½ yards of #821 Pellon)

40 T-shirts =96”x 96” Queen Quilt (5 yards of #821 Pellon)

Tens Have It Book ($18.95) includes pattern for A Simple Tote, Point Ten Tablerunner & Placemats, Points of Interest Bedscarf & Pillow Shams. All 10” Square pattern designs. Template is sold separately.

“After years of collecting my son’s tennis t-shirts, this quilt came together so quickly! In just a few hours we could tell what the quilt would look like! It was very fun and exciting for both of us! Now I’m showing my friends how simple it is for them to make quilts for their kids!” 
- Jill & Robbie Pike

Hi Lisa,

"Having worked 20 plus years, 6 days per week in the motorcycle business, this has been a huge change for me...I am 52 years old and never picked up a needle and thread until a year ago!!!!! Now, I'm hooked!!!!! I made the lap quilt for my mother for Christmas and it turned out to be the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen!!!!! I would really love to make another one. Thanks so much for making the whole process easy enough for someone like me...who would ever think a motorcycle girl could make a quilt!!!!! Loving it!!!
 Thanks from the bottom of my heart!!

- Cindy Hodge

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