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There isn’t a word in our vocabulary that can bring more heartfelt feelings than the word “Quilt.”

We all wish we had one, love the one that we have or yearn to make one. The pride and passion that I felt after finishing my first quilt is still in my heart. I wanted to bring that feeling to others and show them that they too could share in this accomplishment and pride of making a handmade quilt from the heart.

I had decided that the quilt patterns were too complicated and intimidating for me. Therefore, if I could write and describe this "new to me" technique of using an "On Point" fusible grid in a way that I would understand, I could sell it to others thinking the same way as myself. We are so busy in our lives, yet we still yearn to give homemade gifts.

My company will continue to write patterns that will make the non-quilter a believer in themselves and give the traditional quilter a beautiful quilt that is finished in a fraction of the time of a pieced quilt. What matters most is the pride and accomplishment of finishing a project and feeling a passion while you are doing it.

Little did I know that my passion for writing, teaching and traveling to share with others was so strong that it changed my life.


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Featured Testimonial

Hi Lisa,

I took one of your classes with my friend, Diana, in Yuma, in January.

Just to update you, I'm still loving it! I've attached some pics of a couple projects. I bought & downloaded a few more patterns from your web site. I've taken some quilting classes. Been having fun with the free motion sewing. Although my husband keeps saying..'how many quilts & table runners do we need?' lol.

We will be coming back to Yuma in November to March. My sewing will be limited to my friends house as we are in a trailer, absolutely no room for a sewing machine:(
So it's bitter sweet when we go, lol.
Thank-you again for your class & patterns, you unleashed a new creative avenue for me :)

See you in November, Lynn

Some great photos of Lynn's quilts!